Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boy it is hot outside

It is 100 with the heat index and I have refilled the bird bath again. The birds lineup on the garage while I fill it with clean cold water. Today I did see something funny, I usually have one bird in for a bath at a time but when I looked out the window there was a whole sparrow family in for the family bath. I also put water on the ground in a bowl for the chipmunks and rabbits. While I am f...illing it up the bee's are getting angry at me for not filling fast enough. I have never seen so many thirsty bees. Yes they do sit on the edge and drink the water. I took Helmsley out for his nightly walk even though it was 100. He said he wanted to go. I know I am the human and I should say no, but you do not want to be around Helmsley if he doesn't get his walk or his pigs ear. Life is unbearable. We only did the block and came back. After that he said that is enough.
Update on the new car for daughter.   She says she is too picky so she is taking a risk everyday by driving her old car.  She did take her old car back to the repair shop today because it was really bucking and doing stupid stuff.  They found a wire unplugged.  She was like great now my check engine light that has been on for 3 years is now off.  Oh daughter what are we going to do with you. 

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