Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How many umbrellas or bumbershoots do I need

Today because it was so hot out I decided I better clean the coat closet.   What a job that was.  Besides all of the coats, boots, gloves and scarves I found 11 umbrellas.  I had them laid out on the couch and when I looked at them and counted 11 I wondered why do I need 11 umbrellas or bumbershoots.  There was daughters cute little blue with stars umbrella that she had in grade school and 3 umbrellas from DisneyWorld.  There was also a collection of just plain black ones.  They must of came from vacations that we found we needed umbrellas so we bought some and so the collection grew.  Now there was also the Giant GreenBay Packer umbrella and an even more gigantic red and white stripe golf umbrella still with the tags on it.  That really confuses me as nobody in our house plays golf.  Did I throw them away NO you know why because if I did sure enough I would need a umbrella and then I would have to go out and buy another.  I figure I am set for life with umbrellas or bumbershoots. 

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