Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Memories of the 4th of July

Happy Birthday  Uncle Sam...big buck lumber.   Do you remember this?   One of my favorite things on the 4th is the airplanes carring banners.    Of course Big Buck lumber is gone but every year when I see one of those banners flying, I think of Happy Birthday Uncle Sam...Big Buck Lumber.  Also the balloon man..he had to be 90 and he carried those 6 foot colorful twisted balloons and he would call out balloons 2 for a quarter.  The man had a old very shaky voice so if you didn't know what he was saying it was just a blur of words.  Here is one of my favorites....early in the morning the truck would come down the street with fireworks and set off a big boom in the middle of the intersection.  They started this at about 5am.  I think it was a way of letting everyone know it was the 4th and time to go to the parade.  Also in the parade was the outhouse and there would be a man inside and it would go boom and he would fall out of the back of it on to the street.  It always made everyone laugh.  Oh the parade and afterwards we would go to the carnival with our tickets that we received with our report card and you could get a free sammy bar (ice cream bar) and a box of cracker jack.  At night we would go to van schroders house (it is the owner of the place my dad use to work).  They lived on the lake and they would put on a fireworks display like no other.  There were ground works with spinning wheels of fire and of course the air show.  We would all sit on blankets and the night sky would light up with beautiful fireworks.  Then of course because we were so close to everything the ashes from the fireworks would come raining down on you so by the end of the night you were covered in ash.  It really was a great time and it is now a wonderful fond memory.   For me it is now time to go watch the parade.  Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July.  Happy Birthday Uncle Sam...Big Buck Lumber.

I found out 2 interesting facts today.

1st we have the largest 4th of July parade in the whole midwest.

2nd  Our beach is listed as number 6 in the list of the best beaches in the whole united states. 

Who Knew

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