Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nancy to the rescue

My walk with the dog always brings something funny. This morning while we were walking when we had to cross the street there sitting in the middle of the road was this tiny little baby bird. Now baby bird was so tiny it could not fly or even hop. I tried getting him to sit on my sandal so I could carry him across the street on my foot, but no such luck. I tried having Helmsley scoot him along... but all the baby bird did was sit there with those big eyes looking at Helmsley with his mouth open waiting for Helmsley to give him something to eat.  Helmsley just looked at him as if to say,  really kid do I look like a bird.  By now I am getting dive bombed my a female cardinal and a yellow and gray bird. I don't know who was the mother but I think it was the cardinal. We didn't have any luck in getting the baby out of the middle of the road and then I had an idea....I took off my hat and decided to get the baby to climb into my hat and carry it out of the road. I told him, don't you be poopen in my hat. Sure enough it climbed onto the brim and into the hat he went. I think he felt like he was in the nest again. Now mommie bird was sitting in the tree and watching us. I think she figured out what I was trying to do. We walked to the grass by a nice tree and I sat down my hat and out he came. No poop in the hat. All is well. Tonight when we walk I will check to see if I can see where baby bird is and hopefully not in the middle of the road.

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