Thursday, July 12, 2012

AAA is done ripping us off

Here is the update on my house insurance.   I have to get new insurance because when my current policy expires I will loose my coverage on everything except the house.  No coverage for my carport, florida room or the high tec state of the art laundry facility etc.  Also they will only cover 1 bathroom.  It only gets more ridiculous.   My premium is going up and they are raising the deductible.   I finally got in touch with my friend Ginny who gave me the name of her man.   I can get better coverage and less money.  Currently paying $1200.00 down to 700.00 and if I get the wind abatement test done my premium will be $500.00.  As I am tying this, it hits me like a ton of bricks...I can no longer get sink hole coverage due to something about a Florida law.  Not quite sure about it.  You can still get it but it has to be from a certain company and they now test the soil and in my case sand and no one passes it anyway so bye bye sink hole coverage.  With my current policy I am grandfathered into the sink hole coverage so I get to keep it.  Here it goes, to cover the sink hole coverage they took away all of my other coverage.   Those sneaky snakes.  Don't ever go with AAA insurance.  You will be sorry.  When I talked to the new insurance man today I said why hasn't my current insurance agency said anything about doing a wind test so I can lower my premiums....his response...we will take care of you.  You are in good hands with Allstate.

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