Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be careful of the meat you buy from Walmart

This is I went grocery shopping at Walmart, why because I do save money.  I don't buy my meat at Walmart because it tastes horrible.  I do buy packaged items that come directly from the manufacture.  I am in need of Johnsonville Hot Italian sausages they are ok to buy, at least I thought so.  I am looking at several packages and I pick the one up and inside of the package is full of blood.  NASTY..there are packages of them all full of blood.  It is now dripping all over my hands and on to my grocery list.  I want to scream.  One of the butchers is there and I explain the situtation...he just gives me a blank stare and says ok.  I am trying to explain to him there is no blood in the italian sausage.  These packages are contaminated, again blank stare.  I finally get a paper towel to clean the mess off of me and leave.  My hands still are sticky and smell funny.  By the time I get home I am fuming over the lack of concern from this butcher.  I called walmart and spoke with the manager of the meat department and told him about his contaminated probably salmonella infested italian sausages.  He said he would pull them off the shelf.  He also said,  I hope you did not eat them.  EAT THEM,  I wouldn't even buy them.  Moral of the story,  be careful what you buy from Walmart.

I did call Johnsville and they are going to call Walmart and they are going to send out a rep to look at them. 
I also called corporate for Walmart.

I will update when I hear something from somebody.

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