Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Help...my washing machine has stopped

Daughter called all in a panic.  It seems her washing machine stopped in mid wash.  The machine is only a couple of years old and it just stopped.  There was only 1 pair of jeans washing at the time so the washer has just stopped full of water.  Oh what to do....I will go over and see what I can do.  Yes it has stopped why who knows.  Her husband is now reading the instruction book that came with the washer and nothing seems to be helping.  The washer is just stopped.  Ok, now it is time to call in the repairman.  Lucky we have a good repairman that we have used for years.  He has a free couple of minutes so he will come over and look at it.  He is down in the basement not that long and now the washing maching is washing just fine.  What was wrong with it.......It seems there was a boobie pad from a swimsuit that daughter washed a year ago stuck inside somewhere and it made the machine stop.  I guess it went where all of the socks go when you loose a sock in the washing machine.  $60.00 later the machine is fine all caused by a boobie pad. 

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