Sunday, August 5, 2012


Last night it almost happened again. I let Helmsley out after 11pm and he was just barking like a foolish dog. He is searching under the fence and going crazy...I thought oh goodie the raccoon or it must be the stray cat. Then I smelled it.. SKUNK...Thank god the skunk was on the other side of the fence. I finally got him in the house without a disaster. But now I will share the skunk story ...
Back when we had lady dog husband and I were sitting in the backyard around 11pm when what do we see walking through the yard but the skunk. Lady dog makes a bee line for it and there they were nose to nose. Husband and I run for the door and the dog is still visitng with the skunk. I go out to the dog and try and get her by the collar. Husband still on the porch calls the dog and when he does the dog turns to look at him and when the dog turned so did the skunk. Now you know what happened, the skunk sprayed me. Oh I stunk, the house stunk it was horrible. I ripped off my pj's and put them in a plastic garbage bag. I took a very long shower with what we had in the house to help the smell. Tomato juice and I think milk. It was bad. More showers and nothing seemed to help. I did have to go to work the next day so I went. Even after doing all that I could my co workers kept saying what smells in here. I finally had to confess it was me and told them the skunk story. I smelled so bad they made me go home. I think it took me several days to unskunk.

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