Monday, November 26, 2012

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The funny for the day....where's the cat

Yesterday the last load of laundry I put away was the towels in the linen closet and that was about 3pm.  The cat has her special spot that she likes to sit in the linen closet so I left the door open a crack so when she wanted to come out she could.  About an hour later the door was open and she was out of the closet so I shut the door.   Now about 5am this morning husband was doing the hoggie doggie thing of the whole bed and holding my pillow hostage.  No matter how much I tried to get him to move it was no use.  He was dead to the world.  I finally decided to get out of bed, seize my pillow from him and go sleep on the couch.  I needed to get a blanket from the linen closet, imagine my suprise when I opened the closet and the other cat jumped out.  What!!! poor little Malley had been in the closet since 3pm on Saturday.  This cat does not meow.   She just figures someone will find her so she will just  wait.  No she did not mess in the closet.  What scares me is, how long would have it taken me to realize she was missing. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The funny for the day...where did the candy come from

Todays funny is from my daughter.   Per daughter.....I went into the backyard to pick up dog poop. And I find candy all over my backyard.  No its not just wrappers. Its all full candy still in the wrapper. Weird   Its wasn't even by the fence it was closer to my garage. Like on the side of it and close to the back door. As if a squirrel stole a kids bag of candy and decided it didn't want it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The funny for the day....what is that woman doing?

Today on my way home from the grocery store there was a car stopped in the middle of the street. don't stop in the middle of the street.  What does this woman have car trouble?  Is she talking on her cellphone?  WHAT!!!  Now the city bus is coming from the opposite way and he slows down and just stares at this women and then when he passes me, he just gives me this weird,  I don't believe this look.    Now after the bus passes,  I can finally pass this woman parked in the middle of the street and get a good look as to what she is doing.  Do you know what she was doing?  She was popping a pimple on her chin.  This is how I figure the situtation.  She is driving along and looks in the mirror and spots this huge growing pimple and screams in horror so she panics and has to stop the car so she can pop it.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The funny for the long has that been there

Today you are in luck,  I have another funny for the day.   This afternoon I decided to make Molasses Cookies and when I went to make them I realized that I forgot to take out the butter to soften.  I decided to soften the butter in the microwave.  When I went to put the butter in the microwave I just stood there and stared at the buttons.  How long has this been here,  I have never seen this before.  There was a button for melt and another for soften.  So I pushed the soften button and the screen reads soften butter 1 stick or 2.  How do you like that, there is a button to soften butter.  Now you are probably asking how did I not know it was there.  The answer is I do not use the microwave to cook.  I only use the microwave to warm up my coffee.  We have had this microwave 3 years, you learn something new everyday. 

The funny for the day............whats on the sidewalk

Today while Helmsley the dog and I were out for our morning walk it was very cold outside.  While we were walking I came across something strange on the sidewalk.  I looked at it and you do know what it was?  It was a frozen bowl of cooked oatmeal with the spoon in the bowl.  What makes this so strange is last week in just about the same spot was a bowl of fozen fruit loops with milk again with the spoon in the bowl.   I figure some kid is eating his or her breakfast before the bus comes and they don't finish it so they just sit the bowl down on the sidewalk.   I would think somewhere along the line some parent is going to realize they are running out of bowls and spoons. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Todays Funny...Helmsley and the city bus

Our walk tonight was fun for Helmsley the dog. We got to the corner and the city bus stopped by us. The driver opened the door to talk to us, ok he just wanted to talk to the dog. Helmsley of course was very excited because the bus driver was talking to him. He told Helmsley come on in, get on the bus. So of course Helmsley jumped in the bus. He was so happy he never saw such a big thing t...
o ride in before. After his tour of the bus, he had to get off it was time the bus moved on. Besides there was now traffic behind the bus. Traffic was being held up due to a dog taking a tour of the bus. I must tell you there were no passengers on the bus besides Helmsley. All in all Helmsley had a good walk.
I know I have been slacking on posting of the Todays Funny so I will be adding some in that I forgot to publish.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Todays Funny...Weirdness at Walmart

Weirdness at Walmart part 2.....last night someone stole Jessica's pumpkin off her front porch so being a good
mother after I finished my shopping I decided to go get her a new pumpkin. I looked at the ones in the store
but I did not like any of them. I had a full cart of unpaid groceries and without thinking out the front
door I went to checkout the boxes of pumpkins outside. After a few minu...

tes I realized what I had done and I
figured any minute now someone will be chasing me down. I am picking through the pumpkins and people saw me
with my cart full of groceries and no one said a thing. Nothing at all. I got my pumpkin and back into the
store I went to pay for everything. Now what I cannot figure out is why I can buy a roll of tape have it in
the bag and security has to stop me to check my bag and receipt and yet I just walked out the front door with
a full cart of unpaid groceries and no one cared. Go figure.

Weirdness at Walmart part when I went grocery shopping the first thing I do when I walk into the store
is wipe down the cart so I do not get the creeping crud. I was cleaning off the cart when this women comes up to
me and says, since you are cleaning off the cart I will take it. Ok weird but I keep cleaning it. Now she tries
to take my cart and once again says I will take the cart. I look at her and she says oh you don't work here this
is your cart. I will get my own. 

The Peach Poppy new item Ganz tea set

Julie is a new seller to Etsy.   Her store name is The Peach Poppy and this is just one of the cute vintage items she is selling.  Here is one of her items.   She is a very nice lady so please stop by her shop.                                                    Item Description

Ganz whimsical, colorful roses tea set. Comes with one square platter which holds, 4 mini saucers, two teacups, a creamer, sugar bowl, and teapot (with lid that can be used for teapot or sugar bowl). In very good vintage condition. One tiny paint chip on teapot (See photo 5). This tea set is adorable and would be a great gift for a little girl, or to put on display.

Measurements: from bottom to top of the teapot is about 4" tall and diameter of the square platter is 5"

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Etsy new seller The Peach Poppy

There is a new seller on Etsy and the shop name is The Peach Poppy.  It is owned by Julie and she is a real nice lady with alot of cute vintage collectibles.  So please check her out and show her a warm greeting to Etsy.