Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The funny for the day....how long has that been there

Today you are in luck,  I have another funny for the day.   This afternoon I decided to make Molasses Cookies and when I went to make them I realized that I forgot to take out the butter to soften.  I decided to soften the butter in the microwave.  When I went to put the butter in the microwave I just stood there and stared at the buttons.  How long has this been here,  I have never seen this before.  There was a button for melt and another for soften.  So I pushed the soften button and the screen reads soften butter 1 stick or 2.  How do you like that, there is a button to soften butter.  Now you are probably asking how did I not know it was there.  The answer is I do not use the microwave to cook.  I only use the microwave to warm up my coffee.  We have had this microwave 3 years, you learn something new everyday. 

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