Sunday, November 25, 2012

The funny for the day....where's the cat

Yesterday the last load of laundry I put away was the towels in the linen closet and that was about 3pm.  The cat has her special spot that she likes to sit in the linen closet so I left the door open a crack so when she wanted to come out she could.  About an hour later the door was open and she was out of the closet so I shut the door.   Now about 5am this morning husband was doing the hoggie doggie thing of the whole bed and holding my pillow hostage.  No matter how much I tried to get him to move it was no use.  He was dead to the world.  I finally decided to get out of bed, seize my pillow from him and go sleep on the couch.  I needed to get a blanket from the linen closet, imagine my suprise when I opened the closet and the other cat jumped out.  What!!! poor little Malley had been in the closet since 3pm on Saturday.  This cat does not meow.   She just figures someone will find her so she will just  wait.  No she did not mess in the closet.  What scares me is, how long would have it taken me to realize she was missing. 

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