Friday, November 9, 2012

Todays Funny...Helmsley and the city bus

Our walk tonight was fun for Helmsley the dog. We got to the corner and the city bus stopped by us. The driver opened the door to talk to us, ok he just wanted to talk to the dog. Helmsley of course was very excited because the bus driver was talking to him. He told Helmsley come on in, get on the bus. So of course Helmsley jumped in the bus. He was so happy he never saw such a big thing t...
o ride in before. After his tour of the bus, he had to get off it was time the bus moved on. Besides there was now traffic behind the bus. Traffic was being held up due to a dog taking a tour of the bus. I must tell you there were no passengers on the bus besides Helmsley. All in all Helmsley had a good walk.
I know I have been slacking on posting of the Todays Funny so I will be adding some in that I forgot to publish.

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