Thursday, November 8, 2012

Todays Funny...Weirdness at Walmart

Weirdness at Walmart part 2.....last night someone stole Jessica's pumpkin off her front porch so being a good
mother after I finished my shopping I decided to go get her a new pumpkin. I looked at the ones in the store
but I did not like any of them. I had a full cart of unpaid groceries and without thinking out the front
door I went to checkout the boxes of pumpkins outside. After a few minu...

tes I realized what I had done and I
figured any minute now someone will be chasing me down. I am picking through the pumpkins and people saw me
with my cart full of groceries and no one said a thing. Nothing at all. I got my pumpkin and back into the
store I went to pay for everything. Now what I cannot figure out is why I can buy a roll of tape have it in
the bag and security has to stop me to check my bag and receipt and yet I just walked out the front door with
a full cart of unpaid groceries and no one cared. Go figure.

Weirdness at Walmart part when I went grocery shopping the first thing I do when I walk into the store
is wipe down the cart so I do not get the creeping crud. I was cleaning off the cart when this women comes up to
me and says, since you are cleaning off the cart I will take it. Ok weird but I keep cleaning it. Now she tries
to take my cart and once again says I will take the cart. I look at her and she says oh you don't work here this
is your cart. I will get my own. 

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