Sunday, December 9, 2012

The funny for the day....the wild blue haired lady

The wild blue haired lady.....  It didn't take long to have a new blue haired lady story.  This story is about my new next door neighbor.  I haven't met her yet but people across the street told me all about her.   First of all she had a live-in boyfriend with a motorcycle. (gasp)...I guess he had enough of her so he packed all of his stuff and left last monday.  (First it was thrown on the front lawn, then packed)  Now she is not short on gentleman callers.  Apparently there is alot of gentleman callers.   This woman is also a drunk.   A couple of weeks ago when she was drunk,  as she backed out of the driveway she ran over the neighbors mailbox and flattened it.  She also took the corner too fast and flattened the stop sign.  The stop sign is still on the ground.  So in less than a block she smashed the front and the back end of her car.    We also have retention ponds here (no water in them, they are used to catch the rain wash off).  She has put her car in the retention pond 4 times and had to be towed out.  Also in the last month she has called for the rescue squad 4 times.  As I was told every time she does something stupid she calls the rescue squad.  Apparently  I have missed alot in the last month.  The woman does not have a car now for obvious reasons.    Since we do have a strick home owners association and she is only a renter,  I suspect she will be gone soon. 

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