Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Funny For The Day....My day at Walmart

My day at Walmart......I needed some fabric to finish a apron I am making.  I told the clerk this fabric looks just like a Vera Bradley design.   The clerk said she wanted a Vera purse.   I told her I had a Vera purse and showed her my purse.  She stated that they were too expensive and she was waiting until they go on sale at the store.   I asked her, where is the Vera store and she replied....WELL, I am not going to tell you since you already have a Vera purse.   Ok,  I guess she told me and no she never did tell me where the store was.     Moving On.
I go and checkout and the guy ahead of me is moving slow and acting strange.  I have no idea what is going on.  My items are now on the belt.  It is now made known that the man is paying with a stolen credit card.  You know what happens next, security comes, words are exchanged and they take the man away.  The clerk has no idea what to do.  Instead of voiding out the mans purchase he has to take everything out of the bags and deletes each item.  Oh heaven help me.....what do I do,  put everything back in my cart and move on or just wait it out...I just waited it out.  I am now getting my groceries checked out when security brings the man back to apologize to the clerk for what he did.  Yes I said apologize to the clerk for causing a situation using the stolen credit card.    I am standing there in disbelief as to what is happening and the clerk a kid about 18 just stands there with his mouth open and nodding his head.  He didn't know what to say...    Moving On
It is now raining out as I am leaving and the wind is blowing.  There is one of those 6ft racks outside that usually holds hanging plants but instead it is holding hanging bicycles.  The wind catches it and it goes flying down a isle.  I have no idea where it ended up. At this point I did not care.   Moving On
I am finally on my way home and the road has a median and coming right at me is a lady driving on the wrong side of the road.   Of course I slow down and the blue haired lady finally wakes up to realize she is on the wrong side of the road and moves over to the curb. 

Yes I finally made it home. 

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