Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The funny for the thats too thick thin

No that's too thick no too thin.....this is unbelievable the nerve of some people.  I go to the deli to get some pepper jack cheese.  Old people ahead of me...what do you want ham thin sliced.  The clerk slices off the ham hands it to the blue haired lady how is that...oh that is too thick, next slice how is that still too is that now it is too thin after 4 attempts the clerk got it right.  Each time handing it to the person to eat.  Now she wants cheese and we go through the same routine.  No her husband wants it a certain thickness how is that dear?  He eats still too thick or thin.  Do you get the picture here.  They are getting a free lunch all at my expense of me having to wait and wait and wait.  Now it is not just this couple it is every old person that wants something.  Now I know why the line is always so long at the deli.  They eat for free.  After 15 minutes it is now my turn and there was only 2 people ahead of me.   Why didn't I leave, what and miss a good story. 

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