Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Funny For The Day.......Snakes

Snakes.....Last year I told you about how the doctor (aka fancy farmer) had a black angus bull and a cow.  Then the bull was gone.  We all figured that he was now dinner on the doctors table.  Last week a friend of mine was out walking in the park and on the other side of the fence the doctor was walking with his shotgun.  Of course he asked the question why are you carrying your shotgun.  The answer was...we have rattlesnakes and a snake killed his bull last year.  He found the bull dead in the pasture from a snake bite.  He warned my friend do not walk next to the fence line where the leaves collect as that is where the snakes like to hangout.   The doctor always walks the fence line killing the rattlesnakes.   After telling daughter her suggestion was,  I  should always carry a straw with me just in case Helmsley (the dog) or I get bit by a snake.  I can then suck out the poison before either one of us dies.   I think I will stay away from the fence. 

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