Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The funny for the Day....Blue haired lady say what

Blue haired lady say what….today when I was checking out at the store the blue haired lady ahead of me received coin change back from her purchase. She told the clerk I do not want it keep it. I have to give it to you. NO, I do not like change, I do not keep change, I do not want any change. But you have to take it. NO, I will only throw it away. WHAT…you throw away your change. How about if you put your change in the can for the dog shelter. Ok, I will do that, but you put it in there. I do not want to even touch the change. Somebody has a strange phobias.

The funny for the Day....Don't pee on my shoe

Don’t pee on my shoe….tonight when Helmsley and I went to the park we met up with some friends of ours. One of the little dogs is named Harley. I was busy talking and not paying any attention to Harley. All of a sudden everyone is looking at me and laughing. What? I looked down and there is Harley peeing on my shoe. Harley is blind so he really doesn’t mean to do what he does. I guess he thought I was a tree. Thank goodness I wear my old shoes to the park.