Monday, January 28, 2013

catlady531 on etsy postage increase 1/27/13

On January 27, 2013 the usps postage rates when up.  For my international customers, in some cases the postage just about doubled.  I have no control over this and I hate it.  Please do not be mad at me.  I do estimate postage to cover all areas and zip codes.  I do refund the difference if it is greater than $1.00.  My business has gone in the toilet since the holidays are over.  Now with the new postage increase my little business will be flushed down the drain.   I am so depressed over this it is not funny.

As always, you can make an offer on any item in my little store. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Funny For The Day....My day at Walmart

My day at Walmart......I needed some fabric to finish a apron I am making.  I told the clerk this fabric looks just like a Vera Bradley design.   The clerk said she wanted a Vera purse.   I told her I had a Vera purse and showed her my purse.  She stated that they were too expensive and she was waiting until they go on sale at the store.   I asked her, where is the Vera store and she replied....WELL, I am not going to tell you since you already have a Vera purse.   Ok,  I guess she told me and no she never did tell me where the store was.     Moving On.
I go and checkout and the guy ahead of me is moving slow and acting strange.  I have no idea what is going on.  My items are now on the belt.  It is now made known that the man is paying with a stolen credit card.  You know what happens next, security comes, words are exchanged and they take the man away.  The clerk has no idea what to do.  Instead of voiding out the mans purchase he has to take everything out of the bags and deletes each item.  Oh heaven help me.....what do I do,  put everything back in my cart and move on or just wait it out...I just waited it out.  I am now getting my groceries checked out when security brings the man back to apologize to the clerk for what he did.  Yes I said apologize to the clerk for causing a situation using the stolen credit card.    I am standing there in disbelief as to what is happening and the clerk a kid about 18 just stands there with his mouth open and nodding his head.  He didn't know what to say...    Moving On
It is now raining out as I am leaving and the wind is blowing.  There is one of those 6ft racks outside that usually holds hanging plants but instead it is holding hanging bicycles.  The wind catches it and it goes flying down a isle.  I have no idea where it ended up. At this point I did not care.   Moving On
I am finally on my way home and the road has a median and coming right at me is a lady driving on the wrong side of the road.   Of course I slow down and the blue haired lady finally wakes up to realize she is on the wrong side of the road and moves over to the curb. 

Yes I finally made it home. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The funny for the thats too thick thin

No that's too thick no too thin.....this is unbelievable the nerve of some people.  I go to the deli to get some pepper jack cheese.  Old people ahead of me...what do you want ham thin sliced.  The clerk slices off the ham hands it to the blue haired lady how is that...oh that is too thick, next slice how is that still too is that now it is too thin after 4 attempts the clerk got it right.  Each time handing it to the person to eat.  Now she wants cheese and we go through the same routine.  No her husband wants it a certain thickness how is that dear?  He eats still too thick or thin.  Do you get the picture here.  They are getting a free lunch all at my expense of me having to wait and wait and wait.  Now it is not just this couple it is every old person that wants something.  Now I know why the line is always so long at the deli.  They eat for free.  After 15 minutes it is now my turn and there was only 2 people ahead of me.   Why didn't I leave, what and miss a good story. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Funny For The about outsourcing jobs

Talk about outsourcing jobs.....last night we were watching a movie on amazon.  It was after 10:30pm.  The picture quality got worse and worse and finally the movie just stopped.  A message popped up on the tv to call amazon customer service which husband did.  Now we know that jobs are outsourced to India or the Philippines but husband got amazon customer support in Jonestown South Africa.  I just about fell off the couch when he said South Africa.  Now that is outsourcing.   The man did fix the problem about an hour later.   

The Funny For The Day.......Snakes

Snakes.....Last year I told you about how the doctor (aka fancy farmer) had a black angus bull and a cow.  Then the bull was gone.  We all figured that he was now dinner on the doctors table.  Last week a friend of mine was out walking in the park and on the other side of the fence the doctor was walking with his shotgun.  Of course he asked the question why are you carrying your shotgun.  The answer was...we have rattlesnakes and a snake killed his bull last year.  He found the bull dead in the pasture from a snake bite.  He warned my friend do not walk next to the fence line where the leaves collect as that is where the snakes like to hangout.   The doctor always walks the fence line killing the rattlesnakes.   After telling daughter her suggestion was,  I  should always carry a straw with me just in case Helmsley (the dog) or I get bit by a snake.  I can then suck out the poison before either one of us dies.   I think I will stay away from the fence.