Friday, April 5, 2013

The funny for the day.....haunting eyes and weird old men

HAUNTING EYES… You have to read this ….today I went to the Methodist church rummage sale. After gathering all of my items I wanted to purchase, I sat down on the end of a couch to check them over. This very senior lady came up to me and I mean within a foot of me. She leaned down and looked me straight in the eye and now what is so haunting is her eyes they were dark and they looked like there was no life there. I really can’t explain it except to say they were haunting. She then started shaking her very crooked finger in my face and said to me…..from now on time will stand still for you. Whatever time it is right now, it will be forever. Time is going to stand still for you forever. I just sat there and I really did not know what to say to her except ok. What do you say to a person that says that to you. I told daughter this and she said the women probably had dementia and that is why her eyes had that empty haunting look.

Don’t hit on me….this is part 2. While I was sitting on the couch there were 2 men sitting in chairs next to me eating hotdogs. They kept saying stupid stuff to me and yes talking about there hotdogs. They also invited me home with them so I could cook them dinner and make them some cookies. I wanted to say really…we are in church you old fools. When the senior lady started talking to me, they were speechless so the good news is she shut them up. All of this because a friend called me and  said you have to go to this rummage sale.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The funny for the day....just push the button

Push the button….today when I went to the store there was a car parked in front of mine. The car was locked, engine running and a very senior lady sitting in the passenger seat. The very senior man was outside of the car and yelling push the button…the senior lady just sat there with the deer caught in the headlights look. Push the button…no not that one the other one….push the button. No the one on the left…by now I am laughing so hard and I just wanted to tell the man go around to the other side and point to the correct button. After 5 minutes of this I had to go into the store. When I came out the car was gone so she must have pushed the right button. If I ever get to that stage of my life where I cannot even push a button, just put me away.