Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rotten spoiled chicken at Pick N Save

Rotten spoiled I went grocery shopping. It was cold out so I had a craving for chicken and dumplings. Since I don't buy my meat at Walmart I went to the pig. The only chicken breasts they had with skin on them was in a package of 12 that was previoulsy thawed out so it was on sale. What am I going to do with 12 chicken breasts that I cannot refreeze and besides the packages had ice crystals in them. Not a good thing. Moving on to the Pick n Save. No not the ghetto Pick n Save but the new one on spring street. I buy my chicken and I finally go home. The chicken is packed in a bag all by itself. When I get home and open the plastic bag with the chicken it smelled so horrible. The smell just permeated the whole kitchen. It was rotten, spolied chicken. The only thing I can think of is that because the meat section was a open case that is why I didn't smell it in the store. It was only after it was contained in the plastic bag that the smell really got strong. It was so bad I could not even have it in the house. After my groceries are put away back to the Pick n Save I go. Now I check my receipt and I didn't even get the sale price. Now I am fuming. I demanded to speak to the manager and to make a long story short he wanted to give me free chicken and my money back. No I don't want your salmonella infested chicken. But I did end up with double my money back. I guess we are having chili for supper. Back to the Pig I go to buy hamburger. I saw the same butcher at the Pig that I was talking to about the original big packages of chicken and no they did not have any other. I told her my story and she said, that is why I tell people do not buy your meat at the Pick n Save. I know I should have just gone to Danny's Meats. So in the end if you were counting I made 5 trips to the grocery store today just to buy chicken. What a day.